Corner Gratings Fabrications

Corner Gratings Fabrications, commonly refers to welded steel grating in large sizes. Easy fabrication and high loads structure is widely used as steel grating platform, walkway, bridge decking and flooring.

  • Carbon steel or galvanized steel material options.
  • Cutout or toe plates are optional.
  • Binding can be customized.
  • Ideal for platform, walkway, flooring and bridge decking.
  • Special discount for large orders.
  • Project reference can be supplied for your bid.
  •  Certificated factory.
  • CAD or 3D drawing can be supplied for your design and construction.


  • Easy fabrication. Just cut with simple tools.
  • Cutout or toe plates are also customized.
  • High loads for different load requirements.
  • Irregular shapes can be customized.

  • Corner Gratings Fabrications
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